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Best Coffee Shops/Espresso Bars in La Jolla

“Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” If you remember this line you are my people and that is how I feel before I have had my coffee in the morning.

Read along for all my special spots with what I think is not just yummy coffee but great ambiance.

My 6 must-go-to coffee shops if you’re hanging in the LJ.

  1. Parakeet Cafe: This new cafe is a hit for the younger crowd having one of the cutest cafes for those instagram worthy photos. This cafe is bright, beautiful and fun! They have great coffee, a wide array of toasts, delicious matcha waffles, and nitro cold brew on tap! My fave dish is the green scramble and I love the Immunitea.

    They’re located at 927 Silverado Street.


  2. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters: This coffee shop is a La Jolla gem! It’s comfortable, spacious, and one of my personal favorites spots to walk to on the weekends. They have excellent drip coffee and have been changing the game of coffee when they first opened in 2002. They take pride in their green coffee and give back to the community which really resembles the awesome community culture La Jolla has. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters also has live events like open mic nights and art shows!

    They’re located at 5627 La Jolla Blvd.


  3. Harry’s Coffee Shop: Harry’s is a classic, old school diner from the 1960’s where you can get a sense of nostalgia while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. This family owned diner was designed for you to feel like you were home and dining with your family. Harry’s was even featured on Food Network as one of their top 5 restaurants! Their food is amazing but you can’t miss out of a cup of joe from Harry’s!

    They’re located at 7545 Girard Ave.


  4. Pannikin: Pannikin is the best coffee place for a foggy weekend morning. Making it the ultimate cozy cafe, they have fireplaces and some of the best breakfast dishes in La Jolla. They’re one of the oldest small businesses in this community and they’re specialty for brewing home made coffee and tea has not changed one bit! For food, they’re known for their greek eggs, homemade granola and freshly made pastries.

    They’re located at 7467 Girard Ave


  5. Brick & Bell: Brick and Bell is a quaint and charming cafe right near the beach. This coffee shop is always packed with loyal customers, ensuring you’re at the right spot. Brick & Bell are located in both downtown La Jolla and in La Jolla shores. They’re known for their mouth watering scones and amazing lattes. You don’t want to miss out on this coffee shop!

    They’re located at 928 Silverado St.


  6. The Living Room La Jolla: The Living Room is a coffeehouse, lunch place, bakery, and both a wine and a traditional bar. It’s designed to be a European Cafe with a California flair. They have amazing coffee but also everything sweet, from pastries to macaroons, I have been coming here for years and everything is so delicious! They also have many vegan options as well. The environment of The Living Room is right in the name, it’s inviting and makes you want to stay and hang out!

    They’re located at 1010 Prospect Street.