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How To Stay Positive During What Feels Like the Never Ending Pandemic

Let’s be real. We have been through various lockdowns now and we have faced one of the most challenging times in our lives; going through a pandemic. Something happened to us that we never thought could and it rocked us to our core.

I vividly remember the first week of the lockdown and having those fears, knowing that I had to work through them to keep moving. Ultimately, I had to pivot quickly with my attitude and with how I was going to run my business and continue it.

I had some sleepless nights worrying about my rentals, clients, and finances because we didn’t know what the future held. I was hearing so much negativity around me that I decided to put a stop to it immediately because that was no way to live, no matter what was happening around us.

I decided to stop listening to the news and I started listening to podcasts from some of my favorite real estate coaches who I knew would be focusing on the positive. They helped me by speaking about what we could do everyday to have our business and personal lives thrive, no matter what the market conditions were.

I also vowed to get dressed, stay on a schedule and kept going to my office every single day. And you know what happened? I had my best year ever!

Let’s review my top ten not just how to survive but to thrive during these times.  

  1. Live in the moment. Take a deep breath, smell the roses and and focus on the present. We still have this amazing life and although we wouldn’t have chosen this way of life, there are definitely positives like having more time with our families and/ or kids to focus on. We had to make the most of your quarantine life. It is still a great day to be alive!
  2. Never give up. This is a challenging time for everyone. If you have a rough day, wake up the next day and make it amazing by going for a walk or doing something you love. You can always reset and start fresh!
  3. Keep yourself grounded! If you get in a sticky, mental place work at it. Our minds can do insane things from going down a rabbit hole by reading all the negative news. You have to catch yourself and realize you need to change that narrative. Try meditating or reading a good book full of positivity.
  4. Get in your groove. Make a calendar with activities and plans that are safe that you can do like an outdoor yoga class or soccer for your kids. Learn to make a new meal for your family or learn a language with a weekly zoom class where you can have fun and interact with other people. Stay up and feel productive.
  5. Celebrate even your smallest victories. Go you! You ordered food online, went for a walk with your dog and facetimed a friend. Those are all wins! These small things add up to progress in your mind and keep you motivated. 
  6. Dress up!  Whether you are a man or a woman, you can get out of a tough quarantine day by getting dressed up which will make you feel amazing!  If you’re stuck in your house and feeling down, respond to that crappy day with a new dress or a new makeup routine you found on youtube!  Anytime I go to get my hair done, I come out feeling like a unicorn. Replicate that feeling (we can’t go to the salon but we can still feel good).
  7. Pivot. We have all had to make sacrifices. Pivot in whatever way you have to to create success in your life. Go back to school, learn a new trade, make your business different to make it through until we are normal again. I feel like this is the magic word that can see us through, we have to be resilient.
  8. Make a plan for what your new life looks like and don’t stray from it. You have to have focus, structure, and a schedule to have normalcy and stay healthy and grounded.
  9. Pace yourself. This is not going away for the foreseeable future. Take small steps along the way and don’t over commit so you can see the progress and success you have made.  
  10. Stay in touch with friends and family who uplift you and do the same for them. If your close friend is having a bad day, you can drop off a small thoughtful gift or flowers or send them a video saying hi and tell them you care for them. Lift others up and they will lift you up too.