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Why I Love Living and Working in La Jolla

Being a La Jolla native, I’ve grown to love this city even more over the years. I have countless reasons why I love to call this city home but I wanted to share just a few with you. 

Here is a list of my top reasons why I love to live and work in La Jolla! 

  1. Strong Sense of Community: Larger cities can lack a sense of community. With so many people in your area, it can be hard to find a place to belong but luckily, I’ve never felt that way living in La Jolla. People here know each other by their first names whether you’re walking around your street, in the grocery store or out for a bite to eat. It’s comforting knowing the people around you! It makes me feel like I’m home. 
  2. Safety for my Family: La Jolla is one of the safest places in all of San Diego. It’s so safe, it’s actually ranked an A in safety and crime. 
  3. Unbeatable Atmosphere: It’s hard to have a bad day when you live in such an amazing place. If you ever need to go on a walk or go outside just to get a breath of fresh air, being in La Jolla makes doing those things that much more enjoyable. From the daily clear blue skies and beach front views, I’m always so thankful I get to call La Jolla home. 
  4. Convenient Proximity to Everything: Did you know La Jolla occupies 7 miles of coastline? In comparison to San Diego, La Jolla is a small city. Everything you need is just a short drive away, making errands and busy days a lot more convenient and obtainable. Even just getting to and from work every day takes me under 10 minutes! 
  5. So many Amazing Things To Do: There are countless activities to do in La Jolla. To name just a few, you can hang out at the beach, take a beautiful hike, go shopping, enjoy a movie, ride your bike, go get a bite to eat, or just hang outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

Specific questions about what it’s like to live in La Jolla as you explore a move?  I would be happy to talk to you about my hometown and how it could be the perfect fit for you.

Reach out to me direct 619.990.7703 or drop your info on my site and I will get back to you asap 🙂